My mother aged 63 is taking treatment for the past 8 months for RHEMATOID ARTHIRITIS in this hospital with Dr. AjilKumar. Still she didn’t get recovered more than 60%. She suffers a lot during winter and rainy days. But my mother is confident over the doctor for complete recovery. So we are continuing with this doctor itself. We didn’ t take her to any other doctor so far. She is not able to walk without a stick. Friends, can u please suggest any other treatment for this disease to get fast recovery. 



 2 years before I was really upset and took decision to end my life due to severe back pain. I met with an accident while doing weight lifting in gym. L4 L5 totally bulged. In past I met so many doctors and took different different treatment styles. During treatment I was OK. Then after few days pain raised. Through my friend I got address of this hospital and decided to take a last attempt. But really by Gods wish and Dr. Ajil kumars magic touch and the care which the whole team given makes me walk without the support of anybody. In my prayers I mention Dr and his team a great success. 



 If you will go to this Kerala care, sure you will get complete cure, but only thing is the Doctor is very Strict. Mr. Ajil Kumar is the chief doctor and a he also one of the luckiest person, if he touches a patient, sure the patient will get cured, he s having such a talent. I am a gr8 fan of him too.